Current version is Pybtex 0.18 (see what's new)

Pybtex is a drop-in replacement for BibTeX written in Python. You can start using it right now by simply typing pybtex where you would have typed bibtex.

Please note that the correct spelling is just Pybtex, without any camel-casing, which we considered too annoying to type.

We also suggest reading the Friendly Manual, although it is still incomplete.

Oh! Is it really BibTeX-compatible?

Yes, it really is, most of the time.

BibTeX styles work fine with Pybtex, although there are still some minor issues. Nevertheless, we are going to achieve 100% compatibility before releasing version 1.0.

If something does not work for you, just let us know.

But why should I use it instead of BibTeX?

You probably should not if you ask. But still, Pybtex has Unicode inside. It supports BibTeXML and YAML. It can write HTML and plain text. It is extensible and fun to hack. It comes with a free database conversion utility. And designing new bibliography styles is no more a pain with Pybtex' brand new pythonic style API.

You can see the feature overview for more details.