Pybtex is a BibTeX-compatible bibliography processor written in Python.
You can simply type pybtex instead of bibtex.

How Pybtex is different from BibTeX

Pybtex aims to be 100% compatible with BibTeX. It accepts the same command line options, fully supports BibTeX’s .bst styles and produces byte-identical output (if not, please file a bug report).


  • Pybtex is Unicode-aware.

  • Pybtex supports bibliography formats other than BibTeX.

  • It is possible to write formatting styles in Python.
    As a bonus, Pythonic styles can produce HTML, Markdown and other markup besides the usual LaTeX.

Pybtex also includes a Python API for managing bibliographies from Python.

Download and install

Release tarballs are available from our PyPI page.

Pybtex can be also installed with pip:

pip install pybtex

Development sources are available from our Git repository at Bitbucket:

git clone

If something goes wrong, just file a bug report.

Have fun!